The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe

The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe[EXTRACT] 2737BC. The passage of time from 2737BC to 2014 is almost incomprehensible to me. The change, the modernisation, the evolution. What is the significance of this date?This is the year tea was discovered.Yes, in 2737BC, in China, the Chinese emperor stumbled across a mysterious potion after leaves from the … Continue reading “The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe”

The Tea Ceremony Around the Globe[EXTRACT]
2737BC. The passage of time from 2737BC to 2014 is almost incomprehensible to me. The change, the modernisation, the evolution. What is the significance of this date?This is the year tea was discovered.Yes, in 2737BC, in China, the Chinese emperor stumbled across a mysterious potion after leaves from the camellia sinensis plant accidentally fell into the water his servant was boiling for him to drink. As a herbalist, he embraced the opportunity to try a new concoction, sipped the delicate liqueur and immediately fell in love; a love that has been shared by billions of people since.But it is mind blowing to think that tea has been consumed by people for over 4000 years. And perhaps even stranger to think that in Britain, we have only been drinking tea (our saviour, our comfort, our ‘pack-your-kettle-last-so-it’s-the-first-thing-out-the-lorry’) for a short 400 years.Even so, this is an incredible amount of time to develop the traditions and conventions associated with drinking it, and the tea drinking ritual is one steeped in cultural customs.It is perhaps a generalisation, but when we think of tea drinking rituals, it is the Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies that immediately spring to mind: formality, silence, connections to nature, tea as a gift, a way of offering thanks or apologies to a relative.Rule-governed and purposeful tea drinking? The officialism appears alien to us.On reflection though, perhaps there is ritualism in our own tea consumption. Doesn’t tea follow meal times, help calm our nerves, welcome us home after work, or welcome friends over (imagine not offering a friend a brew after knocking on your door. Ultimate social faux pas), lift our spirits and console us? Although we do not wear robes or kneel down, tea does have significance: comfort, safety, friendship. If this isn’t our tradition, then I don’t know what is.Tea is not just enjoyed in the countries mentioned above. Tea has successfully bewitched people in every continent across the globe, which has led to it being branded as the second most widely consumed beverage on the planet after water. Tea’s ability to permeate cultures has arguably enabled it to survive these 4000 years, each bringing their own traditions and quirks in which to celebrate this distinctive liquid.And this is what we will here explore; how tea drinking traditions differ in some of the top tea drinking regions of the world.ChinaAs mentioned above, in China the consumption of tea is ceremonial. Not only do the Chinese people celebrate tea, but they use tea to formally celebrate or consolidate occasions, such as serving tea at family gatherings, as a symbol of formal apology and as a way of politely addressing and thanking parents for the giving and receiving of partners at weddings.It is the tastes and aromas of the tea which are at the heart of the ritual. Each utensil is carefully washed or cleansed using the first infusion of the green tea leaves to ensure that the second infusion’s taste is not coloured by any foreign bodies, like dust particles, so the tea is pure.Importantly as well is the way the tea is poured; slowly, in one motion, across all cups (which are small clay pots) and only half full. The other half of the cup is said to be filled with friendship and affection; therefore binding host and guest in their tea drinking experience.

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JapanIn Japan, the tea ceremony centres around the making of Japanese Matcha tea; a green tea ground to a fine powder which is world renowned for its excellent healing powers, high concentration of antioxidants and rather bitter taste.The ceremony is named Chanoyu and focuses on the aesthetics of tea making rather than the taste or smells, making the experience more of a choreographed performance than a quenching of thirst.The ceremony’s composition dates back to the twelfth century and involves the host’s serving of the tea, as well as the presentation of the utensils and ceramics used to prepare it, the arrangement of flowers in the space and calligraphy. These items can all be modified by the host to best fit the occasion for which the tea is served. It is also the host’s task to have considered their guests’ view of the tea at every angle in the space, to ensure that their experience will be one of purity, serenity and tranquility: a weighty responsibility.The thoughtful consideration that is required for a successful ceremony often ensures that the bonds of friendship between the hosts and their guests are strengthened after the experience is concluded.India.In India, tea is served on the streets by Chai Wallahs, or ‘tea makers’, who blend their spicy chai tea on their stalls at train stations, bus stations and on every street corner.Authentic chai is milky, sweet and spicy, made from thick buffalo milk, Assam tea, cardamom pods, ginger, cinnamon and often what seems like a ton of sugar. The ingredients can vary, but the ritual of serving generally stays the same: the Chai Wallah brews up all of the ingredients in a large metal pot over open coals which are placed on the stone ground. Once simmering, he pours the liquid through a sieve into a teakettle, then pours the chai into small terracotta pots from a great height. The drinking cups are only used once; consumers throwing them to the ground once they have finished, smashing them to pieces, to allow the clay to get trampled back into the ground.Chai’s popularity in the UK has steadily grown in the past year (it’s one if our best sellers!) and it’s easy to see why. Chai tea is delicious; warming, spicy, soothing, it’s like Christmas in a cup and yet I drink it all year round! OK, we like to have it our way- we tend to brew Chai with hot water rather than in hot milk and individual consumers choose whether to sweeten delicately with honey- but the resulting comfort is the same.Equally, much of India’s tea is renowned for its medicinal properties, mainly because of the strong ties to Hinduism and Ayurvedic tradition: a system that inspires us to live by alternative medicine, ultimately governed through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Tea blends are therefore steeped in a philosophy that inspires the ‘art of living wisely’.RussiaRather like the UK, Russia was introduced to tea in the mid-1600s, but whereas we strove to steal the idea from China, the Russian Tsar was given tea as a gift from the Chinese ambassador to Moscow. Of course, he loved it (who doesn’t), and quickly a line of trade was organised between the two countries.Tea in Russia is not just about the liquid itself but about the heat that brewing the tea gives rise to, and the warmth felt through consumption (Russia can get a little chilly at times). Russia’s tea ceremony is therefore centred around the use of a samovar; a large metal tea urn with decorative handles and a spout.Typically, the samovar has more than one layer to it. Simple samovars have a bottom layer housing the hot water, which is actually heated by filling the small soldered pipe that runs through the centre of the urn with hot coals. Above this sits a small metal teapot, often of the same metal material, and a concentrated form of brewed tea, zavarka, is made here before being diluted by the hot water from the urn.Russian Caravan tea (so named as a result of the camel trains that first brought tea to Russia) must be mentioned here. It is the perfect blend to brew in a samovar as the teas used have strong, dark flavours: Chinese Keemun and Formosa Oolong tea, sometimes with hints of Indian black teas like Assam to add a maltiness to the blend.MoroccoInshas Allah, ‘with god willing, all good things come with time.’ This is the proverb by which Moroccan people brew their tea and signifies the respect they show to the timely process of making the perfect cup.Morocco is famous for its Moroccan Mint tea; a blend of Chinese green tea, fresh mint leaves and a lot of sugar (often five times the amount of sugar to the amount of tea!)The tea making ritual is one of leisure in Morocco and if invited to assist in making the tea, you are honoured. Incense is lit and those who are taking part in the serving wash their hands in orange blossom water before they begin.Firstly, loose green tea leaves are placed in a round bellied teapot with a conical top and long curved spout, and hot water added. Much like in China, the first infusion (left to brew for just one minute, before being poured into a tall glass) is used as a cleanser, this time for the leaves rather than the flasks, to rid any impurities the leaves may have picked up through travel. After this, the loose tea is brewed before adding the sugar and mint.The spout is one of importance to the teapot. Curvature to the spout allows for the server to pour the tea from a height of around half a metre into the small glasses below, to create a frothy foam on the tea’s surface.Tea is served often in Morocco: after each mealtime, when entering some shops, to welcome guests in the home and even to mark business deals.IranTea is also the national beverage in Iran, with tea drinkers enjoying mainly green tea and black tea to quench their thirst or as a comfort, respectively. No occasion can take place without tea being served and, in many regions of Iran, light coloured tea is a marker of disrespect from the host to the receiver. Principally, Iranians like it strong.Perhaps it is the liking for a keen strength to tea that has led the people of Iran to discount the water as a part of the tea. Through the use of a samovar, Iranians heat the water and simply use and see it as a way of extracting the aromas and flavours thickly from the leaves.Typically, tea is drunk from glassware and this is held by the rim of the glass between the thumb and forefinger with the pinkie used to balance. Often, held in the other hand, is a large pipe connected to a hookah, or qalyoon as it’s locally known; a tall, ornate smoking device that uses hot flavoured tobacco and water. In the absence of alcohol, tea houses, where tea and the qalyoon are served hand-in-hand, act as a social hub where young Iranian people can relax and socialise, much like us westerners would do in our local pub.

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KazakhstanKazakhstan is another of the world’s biggest tea-drinking countries, with its tradition once again being rooted in the giving and receiving of tea as an act of welcoming and politeness. Guests are offered tea on arrival into a host’s home and it is considered impolite to refuse the beverage.Kazakhs are known, much like the Russians and Turks, to use samovars to brew and serve the tea; however, differently to the Russians, the server only fills the kasirs (which are small, wide-mouthed saucers), to around half full. This ensures that the tea is always served hot: no one likes a cold cuppa (unless it’s iced, of course).The guests to the ceremony are then required to pass their empty kasirs back to the female host as a way if thanking her and showing her respect for that which they have received. She then ‘re-half-fills’ the cups and passes them to her guests once more; a process which continues, creating a graceful, rhythmic and visual ceremony, beauteous to behold.BritainIn Britain, (one might have known!) our tea traditions involve food. These customs were developed in the early 19th century, first by the upper classes who championed Afternoon Tea as a way of bridging the gap between lunch, at 12 o clock, and dinner at 8 o clock. Tea was served at around 4 o clock in the afternoon along with small sandwiches, scones and cakes. Heaven.High Tea is different, although sometimes (incorrectly) the terms are used interchangeably.In industrial Britain, workers home from the factories and mines would require immediate sustenance after a day of physical hard labour, and so a substantial meal would be served to them accompanied by a cup of strong, sweet tea at around 5 o clock. This became known as ‘tea’ (which us northerners still to this day sometimes use), and the ‘high’ aspect is a reference to high backed chairs and higher table the lower classes would sit at to enjoy their tea (whereas the upper classes would be seated in low lounge chairs and have their tea served on smaller, occasional tables.)Taking time to enjoy tea has always been important in this country regardless of class, right up until the invention of the teabag. When the teabag was born, a dip in quality occurred. Beautiful unfurling leaves slowly releasing layers of flavour no longer existed: a throwaway pouch of powdery black dust, bitter to taste and quick-to-brew lay in its place. We are committed to changing that. Lovers of loose leaf, we are promoting taking time out from your day to enjoy the perfect cup of tea, slowly brewed from high quality leaves. We are bringing back the ‘good old days’.

Healthy Weight Loss Is a Journey

Healthy Weight Loss Is a Journey[EXTRACT]
It Takes More Than a Nutritional ProgramAchieving success in any healthy weight loss program takes more than just following nutritional information. It takes a commitment to wanting something different in your life. When I realized this for myself I became empowered to create exactly how I wanted my life to look. I started to explore the idea that to think is to create and thoughts are things I knew that to support me on my weight loss journey I was not only going to have to change my eating habits but I was also going to have to change my thinking.I decided to commit to learning a new lifestyle, and a new way of thinking. Now that I have gone through a healthy weight loss journey I see that the combination of these two principles is the secret to healthy weight loss!It took practice, commitment, and consistency every day. I started thinking of different ways I could start to change my thinking. I began to ask myself a question every time I sat down to eat; “If I was a healthy fit 155lbs would I be eating this?” “If I was a healthy and fit 155lbs would I be eating this much?” At the time my goal was to be 155lbs and it seemed like such a far reach for me and now I am reaching my new goal of 145lbs.I realize now that once I believed that it was possible it suddenly became my reality. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Act as if it is so, so that it is so”? If you want to be a certain weight then start acting that way. If you want to be healthy and fit then study what healthy fit people do and do what healthy fit people do. A healthy fit person does not eat at McDonalds, a healthy fit person does not lay on the couch and eat potato chips 3 times a week, a healthy and fit person does not overeat, a healthy and fit person exercises regularly, a healthy and fit person is active and gets good rest, a healthy and fit person cooks and plans meals. This was the start of me realizing my thoughts were creating my habits and creating who I was as a result. I was a result of my thinking.

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Healthy Weight Loss Requires SMART GoalsSo what is it that you want? What is your goal? This is the next step, discover what it is that you want and set a goal, a SMART goal.Specific – Be clear on the desired outcome – I want to be a healthy and fit 155lbsMeasurable – I can measure this by using a scaleAchievable – This was within reach within the time I wanted to achieve it. I weighed in at 167lbsRisky – Risky for me was that I could not ever remember a time that I ever weighed less than 159lbsTimely – I set my goal for 90 daysIt is important to set a goal and write it down. You’re probably wondering why… Let me explain. When you have a goal written down, it will help you stay connected to what you want and motivate you to achieve that result. I recommend that you write your goal with the end outcome in mind.For example, a SMART healthy weight loss goal is “I want to be a healthy fit 155lbs on or before May 13”. Not, “I want to lose 20lbs”. Your mind sees pictures not words. You must paint a picture in your mind of the desired result, when you say “I want to lose 20lbs” all your mind sees is 20lbs and that may result in you gaining 20lbs! When you paint the picture in your mind of being a healthy and fit 155lbs, your mind will hold a clear image of what it is that you really want.Just having this clear image will support you in believing that you can achieve your desired result. In essence you will see the opportunities to create what you want all around you. Think of it this way… Remember that new car you wanted? Remember seeing yourself in it? Remember seeing that car everywhere you went when before you never noticed it? It is the same idea with achieving healthy weight loss.A Great Tool For Achieving Your Healthy Weight Loss GoalAfter I created my goal I had a new awareness. Suddenly opportunities to support my healthy weight loss were all around me. One such tool is called The Diet Solution Program. I happen to find it online one day and I felt in alignment with the principles of the program. I knew that this would be a great tool in helping me achieve my goal. I got committed and was consistent to applying to the program to my everyday life.The Diet Solution Program can work for you too. It takes commitment and consistency to achieve anything. A wonderful quote by Anthony Robbins really stuck with me during my journey:

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“In essence, if we want to direct our lives we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once and a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”I have been consistent in my actions when it comes to planning my meals, eating healthy foods in moderation, exercising regularly, studying nutrition, believing in myself and changing my thinking. I gained the knowledge I needed from the diet solution program and was consistent in applying that knowledge. Because of this, I achieved my goal and my wish is that you achieve yours as well!Healthy weight loss is a journey, and it will not be a smooth and easy road all the way. You can help yourself along the way by being positive and by staying emotionally connected to the clear image of what you want in your mind. You can do this by writing supporting statements to you goal.For example you may write, “I will feel amazing, healthy, and energetic when I am lying on the beach in my sexy new body, 155lbs healthy and happy”. Supporting statements like these will help you in times of weakness and strengthen your resolve to create the body you want.Do not be fooled by ads for pills, supplements, and the next piece of exercise equipment… You can experience lasting healthy weight loss without gimmicks!

Fitness Success After 40: 3 Principles

Fitness Success After 40: 3 Principles[EXTRACT]
Would you like to know how a busy, over 40 person can have a successful and healthy fitness and diet plan?It is possible, and in this article I will detail my overall fitness strategy, and what has worked for me. I make no claims to have achieved my fitness goals, I am just a regular guy trying to stay as fit, healthy, and as lean as possible within the constraints of my busy life. I have, however, been able to achieve quite a bit in one year. I have managed to lose 40 pounds, while increasing my muscle tone. I also have been able to incorporate a modified fasting program, which I believe has helped me detoxify my body. I have noticed, for example, that I have had no colds this winter, even though my wife and kids have been constantly sick with colds since November. Of course, this is anecdotal evidence, but I will say this. If this program works for me, a guy who was way out of shape, and had very little time to exercise, then it can work for you too. I have more goals to reach (like another 30 pounds) and I am certain that I will achieve it, as long as I stick to my overall plan.

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So here is my strategy. Like I said, it has worked for me and I can fit it into my busy schedule.First principle: Fasting for weight loss.1. I follow a modified intermittent fasting program in which I eat very little during the day (or just water) and eat a main meal at night. The main meal at night generally can be unlimited, although I try to keep my overall calories at about 2000 for the day. The philosophy is to keep insulin as low as possible during the day to encourage fat burning, while spiking it at night in order to keep my body from switching into starvation mode. I also try to eat fruits and vegetables during the day to meet my daily servings requirement. This eating plan is not for everyone, but it works for me. I like that I get to look forward to a big meal at night which I can enjoy without worrying about the amount of calories consumed. I also like the way this eating plan makes me feel.Second Principle: Daily Meditation2. The body-mind connection is often lacking in discussions about fitness. However, in order to be able to be consistent in your fitness program, you have to be able to control your thoughts and urges. Meditation can help you do this effectively, while also helping lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Its an important part of maintaining a successful fitness and diet plan

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Third Principle: Quick, Intense, and Efficient Workouts3. My workouts need to be quick, flexible, efficient, and have enough variety to keep me interested. I have to get into the gym, and out, because my life is busy. So I use quick super-set resistance training and interval cardio. And only 3 times per week. This works real well for me, and it has been more effective than any other strategy I have used.I hope this helps you get some ideas on how to structure a program of fitness and health which is effective for you. Good luck, and if you want to ask me questions directly, click the links below.

Three Dimensional Exercise For Healthy Fit Bodies

Todays gyms are busier than ever. People are joining gyms to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle. Everyone has a different goal in mind yet when you enter a gym or fitness studio so many people are doing the same exercises, exercising incorrectly and more so than not they are exercising with an injury. If they don’t have an injury they are sure to get one sooner or later!I always find it interesting that when you are exercising for a specific sport there are numerous ‘sport specific programs’ which incorporate olympic lifts, multi-directional movements and core improvement exercises. Three dimensional exercises are fantastic for the body, central nervous system and injury prevention. But when the ‘average’ person wants a exercise program to lose weight, gain muscle or improve general fitness they all resort to sitting on machine based exercises like the shoulder press or smith machine. These machines do not allow free movement or the central nervous system to enagage nor do they stimulate the chain reaction that muscles need to stabilize the joint being worked. The result is a very 1 dimensional program that creates very weak bodies in the other 2 planes of motion. It is also a very boring workout! Exercise should be fun and stimulating!

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A person who trains or is trained like this creates the false idea that they are strong and physically fit but when they are at home or work they get injured reaching for something or twisting and bending to pick something up! Exercise should be a source of injury prevention too! The strongest bodies in the gym are the ones that incorporate rotation, twisting and the usual bending, pulling, pushing, squatting and lunging. All of these are vital to everyday life. Every single movement involves one if not more of these movements in some way or another. So why do people and trainers sit on machines and exercise in one plane of motion? If you are sitting down at a table reading this on your computer think how are you going to get out of your chair when you have finished? It is highly likely without thinking that you are going to twist and squat then extend the spine and stand up. So why squat with a machine in a gym that anticipates the movement for you? How functional is it to squat sitting in a huge machine? How about trying the same weight in a free squat without the machine? This will show you how functionally different the machine is to a free squat and also show you how weak machines really make you. It is important to know that free weight exercise burns calories far better than sitting in a machine that does it for you!80% of people today experience back pain at some point in there lives. Three dimensional exercise will no doubt help the body create awareness, strength and stability. Three dimensional exercise how a highly functional carryover to everyday life thus preventing injury and pain. The body is meant to move in many ways. A great and simple way of training the shoulders is by doing a single arm standing dumbell press. Aswell as exercising the shoulders you will be exercising the neck, spinal muscles, obliques, abdominals, glutes and legs. You will be creating intelligent movement patterns that will carryover to home or work. Thats a big workout for such a small simple exercise!

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People who have back pain or injury is normally due to dormant muscles that are not being recruited during a specific movement. Muscles work in pairs to ensure smooth movement and stability. If a muscles isn’t doing its job then the next muscle within the chain has to overcompensate. If this is constantly repeated in the gym, home or work than you are training the body to move in a dysfunctional manner. The only result will be pain and altered postures.When you are next in the gym think of the exercises that will help your physicality, posture and goals. If you add these functional movements to your program you will reap the benefits!

Who Will Start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012?

Who Will Start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012?[EXTRACT]
In this article I will discuss the topic, “Who will start for the Miami Dolphins at QB in 2012”.2011 was a tough year for the Miami Dolphins. They started the year 0-7 before turning their season around to make it respectable.However, in order to consistently win the Dolphins will need to upgrade their quarterback play. I say upgrade because Matt Moore showed a glimmer of hope that someday he could be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.In order to accomplish this, Moore will need to become much more consistent with his game.While it is encouraging to think that Moore may have more upside, the Dolphins need to get proactive in finding another candidate to be their starting quarterback.

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Chad Henne was given every opportunity to become the franchise quarterback, but he never lived up to his potential. He is a free agent in 2012 and it is very unlikely that he will be back with the team.In my opinion, the Fins are not too far off from making the playoffs. Once you get there, anything can happen.Below are the 6 Quarterbacks that the Dolphins Should Pay Close Attention To:Brandon Weeden – While his age concerns some people, I think it may be plus. Weeden’s maturity should allow him to step in right away and compete for the starting job.Nick Foles – Foles is a prototypical quarterback that completes a high percentage of short to intermediate passes. This fits the west coast offense that the Dolphins are projected to run.Robert Griffith III – This guy will be star however it will take a king’s ransom for the Fins to land him. They have too many holes to give away all of their draft picks.Peyton Manning – There is not much that has to be said about him other than he brings a health risk along with him. He is approaching 36 and there is no guarantee that he will be completely healthy when the season rolls around.Ryan Tannehill – I would feel confident draft Tannehill and having him compete against Matt Moore for the starting job. He is very talented and would make sense for the Fins to drop back in the draft to get him later in the first round.

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Matt Flynn – This is my favorite choice by a long shot. I feel he will fit right in from day one in Joe Philbin’s system. They know each other very well, so the comfort level will be there from the beginning.Please keep reading for more in detailed information on the Dolphins starting quarterback 2012 search.

Healthy Weight Control

Healthy Weight Control[EXTRACT]
To the outside world, the world of fitness and weight loss is often looked upon as unhealthy. Seeing a man or woman that is so enormously build looks unnatural or even unhealthy.Maybe this is true?

Is it possible to grow THAT big in a natural way, or do they need medication to achieve those results?
Is it possible to loose 25 pounds within a couple of weeks? Or do you need unhealthy diet-pills?
There must be a way to balance your body weight in a natural way, without the need for chemicals or even drugs.I came to realize that a healthy body is a natural result of a healthy ‘mind’.Let me try to explain:

Did you ever wonder why 60% of people that are diagnosed with lung cancer continue smoking?
Did you ever wonder how people can hate themselves for being ‘fat’, but still continue to eat too much or too unhealthy?
It all comes down to this:If you want to have a healthy body, you need to live healthy. Simple as that. So, how do you do that?

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Let’s say you are unhappy with your stomach-fat and you want to loose some weight and build muscles at the same time. In order to be successful; you need to have the right motivation. Get the drive you need. Tell your friends, colleagues and family that you’re starting to live a healthy and fit life. They know that you’ll be having some hard times, doing this, and they will encourage you to continue and to succeed!Being on a diet, does not mean you have to eat too little, or skip meals. The natural way of losing weight, is to choose healthy food items and eating them in moderate amounts. The secret is balance to just stay in shape, all healthy and fit. It does not sound like a ‘magic formula’ to loose your extra pounds, but this is just what it takes…Fitness tipsA good and healthy fitness workout should should provide in an certain amount of resistance to all different areas of the body and all muscle groups. If you are wondering about different types of fitness workouts, there is no ‘one magic formula’ for everyone.When making an effort losing weight and growing muscles, you need to consider your current state of health. If you are beginning a fitness workout, you will have to start slow and work your way up. Sounds obvious, but a lot of people start out too enthusiastic, and injuries can be the result.What is your personal goal?Do you want to lose weight, Build your body, or do you just want to become stronger? Whatever goal you have in mind will dictate the type of activity you should consider.Here’s how those goals vary in fitness approaches:

Loose weight: do series of 20 – 25 with fairly light weights
Increase body mass ( grow big, body building): Use heavy weights and do series of 3-6. Do them slowly!
Become stronger: Use middle weights, do series of 6-10 and do them with explosive force.
Needles to say here is to always ask for professional help when starting out! In any gym, there’s a fitness instructor ready to help you get started in a healthy way.

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Every body is unique, so the workout also vary from person to person. They all include certain elements. When choosing a workout, always keep your personal goal in mind.A good, basic fitness workout will focus on each body part, but not all at the same time:

Day 1: Back, Traps
Day 2: Chest, Biceps
Day 3: OFF
Day 4: Deltoids, Triceps
Day 5: Legs, Forearms
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: OFF
Doing a workout like this, will give your body the appropriate recovery time as well as maximum potential for growth. This is very important in any fitness program.The natural wayIn a world of screaming advertisements, aiming for peoples weaknesses, always remember this: There is no other way to achieve a healthy, good looking body than doing it the natural way!Don’t believe in weight loss pills, don’t believe in over-night muscle growth. Do what needs to be done and you will succeed!

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss – The Best Way To Healthy & Fit Life

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss – The Best Way To Healthy & Fit Life[EXTRACT]
Losing weight is not an easy task. Shedding those extra pounds of flesh requires you to be consistent in your approach towards weight shedding. You should chalk out a weight loss strategy and stick to it till you get desired level of reduction in your weight. If you keep shuffling from one line of action to another, you would be simply delaying attainment of physical fitness. And it may prove disastrous.Exercises happen to be best remedial option for obesity or weight gain. Seeing excessive weight gain problems of Americans, the government is advocating efficacy of constant exercise routine in keeping body fit. And among various forms of exercises what’s currently topping the charts is Yoga exercises. Yoga has become a rage in America because of its incredible efficacy in weight shedding.

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Yoga is probably one of the safest options for losing weight as it ensures no side effect. If you are resorting to weight loss pills it may affect you adversely when taken the unregulated way. Even a reasonable dosage of weight shedding pills is sure to give you some side effects. On the other hand yoga won’t only help you in shedding weight without side effects; it would also help you in attaining permanent physical fitness.Yoga exercises must be performed in tune with dietary measures. Yoga postures and pranayama help shed weight through two ways. The first way is to do asana to directly burn the excessively deposited fat. The other way is to improve all physiological functions that help control obesity.If you are taking up yoga exercises as a solution to your obesity, you must know that yoga won’t give you immediate result. You need to be a little patient. This gradual weight loss process would last from two weeks to six months. If you happen to be making your maiden tryst with yoga, you should better take up easy postures at first. And once you get the comfort level, you can opt for rigorous yoga workouts.

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Hatha Yoga exercises have been found exceptionally good to serve the weight loss purpose. If you want to lose weight in lesser time you can resort to hot yoga exercise. To sum up, if you could make yoga a part of your life, you would be able to solve your weight loss problem forever.