Ten Super Easy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss

Ten Super Easy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss[EXTRACT] Excess weight is the real culprit for all kinds of ailments. If you have tension of how to check your weight, then go through the following easy to adopt life-styles which will make a lot differences in attaining your target weight.(1) Walking: A super easy way to … Continue reading “Ten Super Easy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss”

Ten Super Easy Ways to Achieve Weight Loss[EXTRACT]
Excess weight is the real culprit for all kinds of ailments. If you have tension of how to check your weight, then go through the following easy to adopt life-styles which will make a lot differences in attaining your target weight.(1) Walking: A super easy way to keep one self fit is walking.Try the following tips which will help you in achieving your mile-stone:(a) Park your car at a distance from your destination.
(b) Get off from the bus one or a few stops before your destination.
(c) Always use the stairs every chance you get.
(d) Move around your favorite Shopping Mall at its all levels.
(e) Don’t sit tight on your office chair, get out of the office building and enjoy walking meetings.Please try out a few of these tips and ensure that all these variations add to make at least a 30 minutes walk-out each day.(2) Water In-take: You must drink a glass of water before a meal. Such in-take of water will help you to keep check on your actual food consumption because you would not feel so hungry.

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Similarly, if you are going to a party catch a low-cal drink in one hand and keep it there. This will not only make it harder to look for the buffet, but this will also restrict your temptation for further drink. Moreover, sufficient in-take of water will keep your body refreshed which will ultimately help you in your workout. Mind it that you can exercise more and longer if you drink water sufficiently.(3) Low-cal Foods: You must switch to lower-calorie verities of the foods you are crave for. You may like to have a low-fat cheese that tastes same as pizzas. You can also prefer low-fat ice-cream with your favorite toppers.Always go for low-cal drinks. If it is hard, mix-up your preferred drinks with low-cal option or water and increase the ratio gradually.(4) Share your Food: By sharing your food, you reduce your food in-take. So, always share your food with everybody you love. Through this you strike the deal of getting motivated twice without putting any extra effort.(5) Toning up while Entertaining: In today’s world nobody has time for physical fitness but everybody finds time for his/her entertainments. So why not combine the two – by this method you can make both the ends meet.So, why not try exercising to the tune of your favorite music show or practice some stress relieving cardio boxing while watching your favorite reality contestant is on camera?(6) Size Matters: Rightly said, the size matters. A smaller plate gives the visual signals that you have got enough food. This is more satisfying than a large plate with the same amount of food on it. So, go for small bowls, plates etc. Try relishing a bowl of ice-cream for longer duration with the help of baby spoon.(7) Get Involved: It is an underlying fact that a person eats more when he/she eats while sees TV or when he/she was bored. So, always eat your food in your dining table. By this way you will be aware of how much you are eating.

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(8) Go for Yoga/Pranayam: Yoga does not tantamount to strenuous exercises. It is simply a breathing exercise. You only spend 10-15 minutes a day for some days and enjoy the results you are getting from it. This will change your mind-set & increase your mind-strength.(9) Making Meal for everybody’s choice: Combine low-cal and high-cal food and prepare a universal food for your family including fresh fruit juices and get the family in a habit of same healthy eating habit. If your family get adjusted with identical eating habits, you would not be tempted to taste someone else’s calorie-dense foods.(10) Lose It Today, Keep It Off Tomorrow: Finally, have patient and cultivate the above ideas and gradually you will realize that weight loss is no herculean task.So, go ahead with your self confidence with full spirited and by this way you will be able to attain your weight loss success effortlessly.

Guide to Health and Fitness

Guide to Health and Fitness[EXTRACT]
Why Get Healthy and Fit
There are many reasons to become healthier and more fit; to add years to our life expectancy, to lose weight and keep it off, to get more compliments and gain confidence, or to avoid the health risks of obesity. No matter what your reason is for getting fit, its the right thing you could do for yourself.Eating Your Way To Health and Fitness
There are a lot of ways to getting a healthier body; some ways work better for others. Eating healthy is one of the biggest setups for a healthier lifestyle. Most people think that eating healthy is staying as thin as possible, and strict dietary plans, and not providing your body with enough food and getting that hungry feeling. That is the wrong thinking when it comes to eating healthy. Eating healthy is when you feel great, not hungry all the time, and when you have lots of energy to get up and get fit; eating healthy is about how you eat, not what you eat. Simplifying what you eat by being more focused on finding food that can be incorporated with healthier foods, such as eating chicken with a salad. If you continue to incorporate healthy foods with your favorite foods, your diet will become healthier and more delicious. Next, changing everything you eat all at once will not guarantee long-term success for keeping fit. Try adding a healthy meal or snack to your diet once or twice a day or switch your high-fat products with alternatives that have less fat in them, for example, switch from butter to olive oil when cooking your meals. Your small changes will turn into habits over time and will allow you to add even more healthy foods to your diet. When eating healthy you do not have to get rid of all the foods you enjoy because this will lead to you cheating on your diet; add healthy foods little by little so make you feel better and reduce your risks of diseases.

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Benefits Exercising Properly
Exercising properly doesn’t always mean losing weight; exercising properly is also used just to feel better and more energized. Staying active can reduce heart disease and diabetes, give you more energy, provide you with a better sleep, build muscle, and help you lose weight. Know what your fitness level is before exercising; ask your doctor for advice if you have no clue what your fitness level is. Be sure to have a plan when exercising so you can keep track of your progress and make exercising a long-term success towards a healthy fit body. Choose a type of exercise that you are capable of doing, pick an exercise that you can stick to; also having an exercise buddy will help motivate you to get up and get fit.

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People say they have hate exercising or do not want to replace their favorite foods with healthier foods, but you don’t have to replace everything you eat and exercising gives you a number of perks that can make your life longer-lasting, easier and that will make you happier. Finding an exercise that works best for you and healthy foods that you enjoy is the hardest part, after that getting and staying fit is easy.

Jewish Campus Life – An Important Factor in the College Search

Jewish Campus Life – An Important Factor in the College Search[EXTRACT]
One of the most important aspects of choosing a college is its campus life and sense of community. In order to do well academically, it is important to have a healthy and wholesome social life as well. There are a number of ways to get a sense of whether or not a college is right for you.To many Jewish students, a strong Jewish presence on campus is vital to settling in and feeling comfortable. Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life (hillel.org), is an invaluable resource for Jewish campus programming. It offers a tremendous number of community events, including dinners, lectures, panels, and community service projects. Of course, it also helps to organize the Taglit-birthright Israel trips, which often allow students from the same college to travel to Israel together over their winter or summer vacations.Colleges in rural areas sometimes do not have strong Hillel programs, but colleges and universities in major metropolitan areas such as New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. generally have thriving Hillel programs. Chabad on Campus (chabad.edu) is active on more than 100 campuses and can be an excellent resource as well, organizing Shabbat dinners and serving as a hub for Jewish student activity.

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The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (jli.co.il), an initiative of the Orthodox Union, Hillel and Torah MiTzion, aims to serve the needs of Orthodox students attending secular universities and colleges. Although it is currently functioning at only 12 American colleges, it is likely to expand over the next few years.A visit to the colleges under consideration has become a necessary part of the decision-making process. When trying to decide if a particular college is an appropriate fit, visit its Hillel or Chabad office. Look at the literature it provides, including student newspapers, which can give a more unfiltered view of what student life looks like. Fliers for events can give an inside look at the programming and events that actually take place.Besides reading student-produced publications, speaking to students on campus is a valuable way to get an uncensored perspective. Universities are always happy to provide tour guides to answer questions, but they will undoubtedly give a sunny picture of student life.Before arriving on campus, students may want to show interest in a particular school by arranging to meet with a professor in their possible field of study. These professors can offer a perspective that may be different from that of the glossy brochures that colleges like to provide to prospective students. If a meeting with them goes well, they may even be willing to provide the student with a letter of recommendation.Yeshiva University has an exciting program called The Center for the Jewish Future. One of its divisions is focused on leadership training for Jewish students, providing them with specific programs to educate and mentor them. Brandeis University is also worth mentioning, as it has a large proportion of Jewish students and a very strong campus community and student-led Hillel program.Students do not need to go to a school officially affiliated with Judaism to have a strong Jewish campus life. Many secular institutions such as New York University, Boston University, and American University have strong Hillel programs, so there are ample opportunities for students searching for a Jewish community to get involved. Ivy League schools tend to have strong Jewish campus life and organized activities available.

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Rutgers University has one of the biggest and most active Hillel programs in the country. It is known for its vibrant and engaging programming for both observant and nonobservant students. Among other activities, Rutgers Hillel sponsors a Jewish a capella group and has sent students all over the world for “alternative” spring breaks to perform community service.Amenities such as guaranteed campus housing (and whether or not it is single-sex) and the proximity of the campus to public transportation are also important factors. At some schools, students may be required to find their own housing options after the first year. At some suburban schools, having a car (or a friend who has one) may be necessary.Whatever your level of religiosity, there is a college out there that will fit your needs. Adequate preparation and an early start are key to a successful college search.

Kettlebell Training – The 7 Benefits of the Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Training – The 7 Benefits of the Kettlebell Swing[EXTRACT]
You may have recently seen some fitness trainers in the park swinging a funny round weight with a handle. Perhaps you saw a segment on the news talking about this thing called kettlebell training and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Well one thing is for sure, although kettlebell training is new to some people, it is really starting to take off, largely thanks to American based Russian strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline’s efforts.What exactly is a kettlebell you may ask? A kettlebell is an old style type of weight training equipment that resembles an iron bowling ball with a thick handle.Used previously by old time strong men and popularised by Russian athletes, the kettlebell is now used by top sports teams, martial artists, athletes, Hollywood celebrities and everyday trainers throughout the world, due to the outstanding results people are getting.The foundation kettlebell exercise is the kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing can be performed either one handed or two handed and basically involves using your posterior chain (ie, your core, back, hamstrings and hips) to swing the kettlebell out in front of you and then in between your legs in a fast continuous pendulum type motion. Although kettle bell swings appear easy the following great benefits can be achieved by utilizing them in your workouts.

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1). Workout efficiency is a key benefit of training with kettlebell swings as they enable you to combine resistance training and cardio training in one power packed workout.2). Swings develop the important posterior chain muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, glutes and back. These muscles are often overlooked with traditional weight training but they are crucial for a large number of sports as these muscles are heavily involved in sprinting, jumping and tackling movements.3). Kettlebell swings provide an extreme cardio conditioning option that is easy on knees that have suffered over the years from too much running. Swings are a perfect choice for extreme cardio workouts, whether done heavy with brief Tabata style swings working 20 seconds and resting 10 seconds or just doing swing intervals for 10 – 20 minutes on the minute with a heavy kettlebell.4). Swings work the abs and strengthen the core muscles as they provide a stable platform for other muscles to pull from. Traditional crunches are useless and do nothing for you, hit your abs with functional abdominal training that actually has benefit in the real world.5). Swings build your back from top to bottom. Not only is the lower back involved with kettlebell swings but the lats, traps and scapular are all involved in the movement giving you a total back training workout.6). High rep swings also develop back endurance which Professor Stuart McGill a leading spine/back expert considers has a very positive effect on the reduction of back injuries.

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7). Swings are a fantastic conditioner and body fat burner. More and more studies are concluding that greater body fat burning occurs when training is performed at higher intensity levels rather than long slow endurance type training.These are only some of the benefits a program of kettlebell swings can provide. Although it sounds too good to be true there is a downside of kettlebell swings … they are hard work. However, if you build into your program gradually, a program based around kettlebell swing movements will provide fantastic workouts to get you fit, lean and healthy in a surprisingly short amount of time.If this article has inspired you to look into kettlebell training further and you want to know where to get kettlebells and kettlebell information, then this website is a good source of information on kettlebells

Fitness Tips That Guarantee a Lean Body

Fitness Tips That Guarantee a Lean Body[EXTRACT]
One of the most important factors of successful weight loss is fitness. Those of us who exercise on a regular basis know just how much easier it is to attain your desired goals with physical activity. If you attempt to lose weight without exercising, your results will be slow, or even non-existent. That’s why it is crucial to adopt a healthy fitness routine. In this article I will reveal several fitness tips which will help you attain a lean body in no time.

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Make sure that aerobic activity is a major part of your fitness routine. Some people make the mistake of spending all of their time on strength training. However, in order to make your muscles stronger you have to get rid of the fat which is hiding them. That is where cardio activity comes into play. So make sure that you engage in at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity each and every day.
If you want to tighten you muscles be certain that you engage in strength training. This will help you tighten up all of those lose areas once you get rid of the body fat.
Remember to keep things fun. Fitness should not be something that you dread. It should be something fun, so go ahead and engage in an activity that you enjoy. If walking on a treadmill at a gym is not your thing, try running or rollerblading outdoors.

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These are just a few tips which will help you get the most out of your workout. Routine physical activity, along with all natural hoodia diet pills and delicious whey protein shakes can help you lose weight in no time. So don’t hesitate and adopt a healthy fitness routine today in order to improve your health and attain the body you have always wanted.

Backpacking Information on Thailand

Backpacking Information on Thailand[EXTRACT]

Population: 64.1 million (UN, 2005)
Capital: Bangkok
Area: 513,115 sq km (198,115 sq miles)
Major language: Thai
Major religion: Buddhism
Life expectancy: 66 years (men), 74 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 baht = 100 satangsThailand is one kingdom of beautiful places and smiling faces. Up until the onslaught of the Red Shirts that caused uproar of travel alerts prohibiting travel to these parts, Thailand has been one of the ultimate destinations of South East Asia, the “backpackers’ gateway to the southeast”. Indeed the Land of Smiles, the people have whizzed through one of its toughest years flashing their pearlies, teeth and all. And with what harshness and violence the political situation is putting the country under, one has to speculate if the smiles are still genuine. As the home of phad thai, muay thai, satay, and lady boys, they have every reason to smile. Still, despite the sensationalism on Thailand that covertly masks its beauty and spectacle, the basis for its “ultimate travel destination” accolade and famosity remains, be it in Pattaya, in Kho Lipe, in Chao Phraya, in Kanchanaburi, or in Chiang Mai. The Kingdom of Thailand, the heart of the Asia Pacific, remains to be a country of interest for any culture or price range with its magical balance of Old and Modern World.GEOGRAPHYThailand (15 00 N, 100 00 E) points its geographic coordinates at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, making it the aviation hub of SEA. The Kingdom has total area 513,120 km 2, slightly smaller than France, but big enough for thick green forests and crystal blue seas and everything in between. The terrain is generally mountainous, particularly to the north of the country with the highest point the Doi Inthanon at an altitude of 2,576 m. To the centre, the land is mostly flat and low, the Chao Phraya River Valley, but overall roughly diverse regional topography features.CLIMATEThe climate is a peculiar tropical wet and dry Savannah climate with seasons that range from warm to hot and hotter, with a quick cool to 19°C from November to December. Expect roasting temperatures in big urban cities, and cooler ones at the highlands. The overall climate in Thailand is a very important consideration for travel specifically because if it’s too hot, travel is stressful, if too wet, a little more dangerous, pertaining to water activities at least. Notably, the best time for travel is during the generally cooler months from November to mid of March, the peak season unfortunately. Whatever the weather, a visit to this sin paradise is of the utmost necessity.

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PEOPLEAnd here are 65,998,436 more reasons to come visit, the Thai population who probably invented the word “party crashers” – a concept with positive connotation that is if anything, a proof of their hospitality. Theravada Buddhism is the primary religion, the religion of the state that is practised by a really big 94.6% of Thais. Muslims and Christians are a tiny minority standing in comparison to the Buddhist demographic.LANGUAGETHAI, a Kradai language like Lao, is the official language of the state, accounting for the 75% of Thai population in the kingdom. ENGLISH is the secondary official language and is a compulsory subject and language to learn in school as early as preschool, although CHINESE, Teochew in particular, is more widely spoken by more than 14%, the Chinese population here in Thailand. On the other hand, YAWI is the primary language of the 4.6% of Malay Muslims living in the south near the Malay border, while the remainder of the population in outlying provinces in the north speak Lao and Thai dialects.ATTRACTIONThailand has been as widely infamous for its beach paradises as its alternative sex travel attractions. And for the former, the latter, or both, Thailand has loads to offer like Phuket and Ko Lipe with its four more than awesome, Pattaya, Sunrise, Chao Ley, and Karma beaches. However, as the 17th in the world by number of populations with HIV/AIDS, the traveller needs some caution and lots of protection. Bangkok has for so long offered the best introduction to the traveller with a boat ride up the Chao Phraya, the bloodline of the city, where one can marvel at the intricate opulence of the temples that lay not asunder but very much intact.But the City of Angels may have been evacuated for the time being by these heavenly creatures with what political chaos plagues the great city of Bangkok. Had it not been, as sure and hopeful as most are that peace is not a far goal, BKK also makes an incredible haven for shopping, counterfeits need it be said, either in modern JJ Market (Chatuchak), MBK, or Ampua for tradition’s sake. Why not Patpong for a little bizarre ping pong show for the different kind of visitor? Muay Thai is also a huge tourist magnet for travellers, who can be either play spectators or students.While nothing beats Chiang Mai in terms of culture and temples with around 300 wats sprawled all over town, Kanchanaburi is the nature-lovers haven and nowhere can superior water fun be had than here. Erawan, Pha Thad, Huai Khamin, and Saiyok waterfalls are surely worth an entire day’s visit each, no doubt a different experience each time. The ultimate way to travel is explore what has not been uncovered for a once in a lifetime Thai adventure, not forgetting of course to spend time with the locals who in more ways than one are the main attraction…and then there’s also the food.FOODOne cannot enjoy to the maximum a visit to the Kingdom by not experiencing the food culture. Thai food is food fit for a King. Thai food alone is more than enough reason for a holiday to these parts. Let it be said that Thai cuisine is a festive fusion of Indian, Chinese, Cambodian and all that is Asian and good, and everything starts in the streets. Rice is a staple and is engorged in many forms from rice noodles to sticky rice desserts with mango. Khao suai is the generic term for white steamed rice typically eaten with meals, while khao phat is basic fried rice with pork or chicken stirred in. Street food culture is an integral part of the Thai identity as a group of people with a natural inclination to gastronomy, cooking and eating both. The streets are a cultural and culinary crossroads where people can offer their home-cooked specialty to the rest of the world for a very small cost. In doing so, the Thais don’t mind making a modest profit for, at the end of the day, cooking is what they love to do. A modern Thai would eat 9 times a day from a THB 25 phad thai off the street or a $100 10-course meal-anything that involves putting something edible or nearly edible to the oral cavity.

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Thai cuisine is highly regarded all over the world for its special flavor that anyone from anywhere enjoys, and this can never be better represented than by the national dish, phad thai. This healthy noodle dish with a great combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy is the epitome of Thai cuisine because it is light, healthy, balanced, spicy, flavorful, and aromatic. Tom yam and Tom Kha Gai are favorite soup dishes while som tam (papaya salad), sticky rice, and kai yang (grilled chicken) are a favorite meal combo. Indian culinary influence is quite strong especially with its curry dishes like green curry, although Thai cuisine has its distinctive quality now more than ever, take pandan chicken for example. Pandan is a flavorful leaf, which works like spice to Thai desserts, similar to vanilla, but more versatile as it also gives a wonderful flavor to meat, in this case, as the chicken is cooked wrapped in these leaves. Chiang Mai, the ancient capital, is the foodie wonderland of Thai and world cuisines from British fish and chips to Italian pizza and pasta delights.Thais love things that are all nice and sweet, especially for dessert, but the Thai concept of dessert is not like the western after-meal dessert model. As it is in general Asia, dessert may pertain to a sweet snack eaten as a small meal per se. Inasmuch as it can be eaten after a meal western-style, this is more for preference than a custom. Desserts like khanom (cookies or snacks), khao nio ma-muang (sticky rice with mango and coconut milk drizzle), or waan yen, a heap of shaved ice on a bed of “toppings” like corn and kidney beans drizzled with syrup and coconut cream, are desserts that are mostly consumed as a snack or fill-upper. Yes, they snack on bugs and roaches too, which without a doubt is an acquired taste.

Mountain Bike Holidays in North Wales, a Brief Guide

Mountain Bike Holidays in North Wales, a Brief Guide[EXTRACT]
If you are looking for low-cost weekend break, why not consider a cycling holiday? One of the most versatile cycling holidays is a mountain bike holiday and one of the top mountain bike holiday destinations is now North Wales.Mountain biking holidays have quickly gained popularity during the last decade within the UK. As the current economic constraints means that many people, families and children are looking to cycling holidays in the UK for a mix of the great outdoors, healthy living, exercise and the enjoyment of the scenic countryside. For many of us cycling is an easy way to stay fit, but also a way of enjoying a healthy pastime either individually or in a group.

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In the last decade the Welsh Government have invested a lot of time, money and effort in creating various area’s of Wales for outdoor activities like mountain biking. Areas like “Llandegla” and “Coed y Brenin” in North Wales have seen a great benefit from the huge financial investments made in these areas, with the development of a new network of mountain bike cross-country trails and the new facilities at those locations.For something with a little more of an adrenalin rush, it was recently announced that the “Llechwedd quarry” in Blaenau Ffestiniog has been given the go ahead to be developed for a dedicated mountain bike downhill area and visitor centre. This should make it one of the best equipped downhill specific areas within the UK. As the organisers are aiming to make the centre near Plas Talywaenydd a hub of an international-standard network of mountain biking trails to compliment those in nearby Coed y Brenin, like many seen in Europe and the USA.Cycling around this sparsely populated area of Wales is a fantastic experience, as even if you are planning to ride a mixture of road and off-road riding you can’t help but enjoy the surrounding beautiful environment. The riding is good anytime throughout the year with the exception of the snow-covered winter periods.

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There are plenty of options for accommodation within North Wales and the Snowdonia region. Many self-catering holiday properties are widely available and offer cyclist-friendly accommodation for family’s and groups. As a self-catering holiday cottage or apartment means you are flexible, free to come & go when you want, plus they normally have bike cleaning facilities and they are ideal for families and people who want to save money on accommodation, whilst enjoying a scenic holiday.

Fix a Dying Relationship With More Than Emotion

Fix a Dying Relationship With More Than Emotion[EXTRACT]
To fix-dying-relationship problems, you need more than merely emotion. A healthy body, for instance, is one that possesses adept physical capabilities PLUS the intellectual resolve to make it through the hard times.And, even better equipped is an individual who can surmount difficult social obstacles in the most highly positive and creative ways. For example, the United States Army uses timed push-up tests PLUS mental well-being charts to gauge one’s overall level of fitness.Perhaps from this you may reasonably deduct that handling tough personal situations requires a nearly ideal balance of several different types of material plus character assets. Being prepared to face challenges requires mental readiness, emotional balance, and even spiritual resolve.

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Yet, you are likely to learn via direct experience that the most valuable asset you require to fix-dying-relationship troubles is the combination of physical tenacity joined together with intellectual resolve, longstanding patience, and sincere concern.Why do you need to be in good PHYSICAL shape to successfully maintain or restore a relationship? Because the definition of true health and wellness is no longer one that merely means the absence of aches and pains — in other words, “not being sick” is a far less optimal condition than “being in top shape.”Your love life represents a key segment of your social, psychological, philosophical, mental, intellectual, and emotional well being. And, enjoying the unlimited benefits of a great intimate partnership requires due diligence in the areas of creative interaction, selfless empathy, humane consideration, faithful thought, and mutual reliability.By the time you find yourself with the need to fix-dying-relationship circumstances, either you, your partner, or even both of you have broken, ignored, or underestimated the key principles of healthy love and relationship play. Troubled relationship status is merely an indication of the above conditions.

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By removing such conditions, you repair-dying-relationship problems and restore your love to the brightly shining source of enjoyment and warm you once had. To help you with this, there are one or two superb online love and relationship guidebooks that supply you with immediately useful plus proven relationship repair tips.